About ‘Jamu Roots’

At ‘Jamu Roots’ we are passionate about using nature’s natural ingredients to create great tasting, health promoting drinks and in particular would like to see teenagers and young adults switching from caffeine based artificially carbonated energy drinks to ‘Jamu Roots’, which would boost their energy the natural way, without experiencing any undesirable side effects.

In April 2016, we created ‘Juice Spectra’, a local business, creating fresh cold pressed juices to benefit the local community.  These healthy drinks gained a great reputation and continue to be popular at various cafés throughout the Thanet area.

We were introduced to traditional ‘Jamu’ when one of our customers had tried it in a juice bar in Dublin, loved it, and on her return, asked if we could prepare it for her.  

We were excited to try it out in our kitchens and after much trial and error, came up with our first own ‘Jamu Roots’ formula.  We are continuing to develop the range and now have 4 variants: ‘Turmeric Ginger Chilli’, ‘Turmeric Ginger Original’, ‘Turmeric Ginger Mango’ & ‘Turmeric Ginger Lemon’.

We are constantly surprised  through our own research  to discover the overwhelming array of health benefits that ‘Jamu Roots’ has been associated with.

So began the journey of ‘Jamu Roots’.