Energy Jamu

Energy potential of ‘Jamu Roots’ and its Key Ingredients

‘Jamu Roots’ is made from naturally energising ingredients, perfect for those constantly on the go, needing a ‘pick me up’, but without any of the artificial ingredients, sugar and caffeine, typified by other energy drinks on the market.

‘Jamu Roots’ is also ideal for those who care about their health and fitness.  It will energise you pre workout and with its natural anti-inflammatory properties, is perfect post work out, to calm those muscles down and ease any exercise induced aches and pains.

Read on to discover some of the energy based benefits from our wonderfully energising ingredients:


In medical studies, ginger has been shown to reduce fatigue by improving blood circulation and blood sugar levels.


In its essence, turmeric is bursting with anti-inflammatory, immune boosting properties to keep your body healthy and happy and give you a big boost of energy and sense of vitality.  

Research shows that turmeric can significantly lower your levels of fatigue, in turn, boosting overall energy.  

What’s more, it boosts brain power because it increases levels of growth hormone in the brain, therefore increasing the mind’s ability to function and focus.


Capsicum boosts the metabolism and enhances athletic performance.  It has a vasodilative effect on the body when consumed which helps in enhanced oxygenation of organ tissues and improves blood flow.

Both tamarind and black pepper help boost the metabolism.

We use date syrup and honey to provide a natural sweetener and energy booster in our drinks.  

Date Syrup

Dates help maintain a healthy nervous system and are brimming with phytonutrients, vitamins, minerals and energy to stay fit and healthy.

Their abundant potassium content also works to increase the speed and alertness of brain.


Honey is a carbohydrate rich food, which due to its fructose and glucose content, makes a high powered, natural energy snack and energy booster.  In comparison to sugar, which has zero nutritional content, pure honey contains small amounts of proteins, enzymes, amino acids and trace elements.  

For years, sports dietitians have recommended that athletes include pure honey into their pre-exercise meal or snack.